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Women Going Through Chemo Decorate Their Eyebrows For The Holidays (Photos)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are finally here. How have you been celebrating?

Everyone celebrates a little differently. For some, putting up Christmas lights around the house along with a Christmas tree is pretty standard. Other people might ditch the Christmas lights and opt for a series of holiday parties to end the year with a bang.

The women over at the Younger Breast Cancer Network, however, have been celebrating Christmas in their own unique way.

Instead of putting on a red Santa Claus suit, some women going through chemotherapy decided to festively decorate their eyebrows with glitter, bows, candy canes and even carrots — yes, carrots.

The results? Well, they’re just as awesome as you could imagine. If you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, look no further!

Members of the Younger Breast Cancer Network have been celebrating the holidays in their own unique way.


Instead of putting on Santa Claus suits, they decided to get festive with their eyebrows!


As you can see, glitter and sparkles came in handy.


Candy canes, too.


The Younger Breast Cancer Network is an online support group for women under the age of 45 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.


The support group mainly consists of women from the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Here’s Rudolph!


And Santa, of course.


All kind of arts and crafts were used for this project.


Who knew you could make works of art on your eyebrows?!


The goal with this project, according to BuzzFeed, was to “provide some laughs” over at the Younger Breast Cancer Network. It worked!


Sarah Perry, a group member, told BuzzFeed, “Christmas can be a difficult time of year for younger women going through treatment like chemotherapy for breast cancer…”


“You spend so much time ill, stressed out, worried, afraid — maintaining a sense of humor and finding ways to laugh are so important,” she continued.


Now, everyone can smile this holiday season.


Here’s the carrot we mentioned earlier:


How do you plan on getting festive this Christmas?!


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