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Watch Meryl Streep Attempt to Take the Perfect Selfie

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Our favorite grandbetch Meryl Streep apparently shares two of our great loves: herself and her iPhone camera. Since it's obviously hilarious when old people try to do anything involving technology, here are three consecutive shots of Mer trying to take the perfect selfie with some other old actress she prob plays mah jong with on Tuesdays. Here they are at the 25th Annual International Film Fest in Palm Springs trying to get the perfect angle. 

Really ladies, everyone knows you never take the selfie from below. Unless you want more chins than Fat Bastard.

You've been in like a million movies and somehow it took two attempts to figure out that if you want to look your hottest you should photograph from above. Yet I can figure that out when I'm drunk out of my mind taking an embarassing selfie series at 3am after hours.

That's right Meryl, sparrow face is sure to make the popular page. 

Source: Huffington Post

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