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US College Actually Offers A ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Study Abroad Course

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Warner Bros. Pictures/Harry PotterWarner Bros. Pictures/Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Pictures/Harry Potter

If you’re a big “Harry Potter” fan, you might want to think about enrolling at California State University San Marcos.

That’s because the university has a “Potter”-themed study abroad class in which students actually get to travel to Jolly Olde England.

While across the pond, students will visit and learn about a number of sites that carry importance within the Wizarding World. The course will run students approximately $5,000 and last three weeks.

According to the official course description:

If you grew up fascinated by the magical world of Harry Potter, this program is for you!  Through a combination of travel, experiential learning and academic investigation, this course will explore the locations that inspired the Harry Potter novels and films.

During your time abroad you will:

  • Explore and experience through travel the cultural and historical locations in England and Scotland that inspired the Harry Potter series

  • Identify and assess the similarities and differences between the novels and films and the ways in which each drew inspiration from cultural sites in Great Britain

  • Develop critical thinking skills about complex social issues relating to inequality, race, and gender within the context of contemporary Great Britain.

Essentially, the course is an in-depth tour of London where students get to visit places where the films were shot, like the University of Oxford, Durham Cathedral and Warner Brothers Studios. It seems positively Potterific.


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