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Morning Commuters, Rejoice! Express Starbucks Is Coming To Cities Near You

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If the fact that it’s Friday didn’t make your day, then the knowledge that Starbucks is launching express stores sure will.

These stores will be smaller than the traditional Starbucks and will specifically cater to those in a rush.

The menu will have a smaller selection of beverages and food items and will incorporate the company’s digital payment and mobile ordering systems. This is apparently all that is necessary to speed up Starbucks’ notoriously slow service.

The Starbucks chain is trying to capitalize on the impact of its drive-thru stores, which, surprisingly, make up 40 percent of its locations.

These drive-thru locations even experience higher sales growth than those locations without a drive-thru service.

At least 100 new stores, dedicated to Starbucks Reserve small-batch arabica coffee line, are planned to open over the next five years.

As of two months ago, there were already 20,863 Starbucks locations dispersed across 64 countries.

H/T: TWSJ, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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