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Journalist Live-Tweets Poop Pouring Into The Streets Of London

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Telegraph journalist, @LewisWhyld, live-tweeted a water main break as raw sewage flowed into the streets of a London neighborhood.

1. Earlier this evening a water main break in Kennington, a district of central London, resulted in raw sewage pouring into the streets.

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

Police just confirm this is sewage, Kennington is under:

4. Firefighters came in to evacuate residents, as they tried to figure out how to stop the flooding.

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

Flood defences arrive?!

7. Doing what any good live-tweeter does during a big event, he started a hashtag. #LondonPoo

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

More firefighters arrive as #londonpoo starts flowing down more streets in South London

9. Barricades that would save this brave journalist from being trapped by the #LondonPoo

Evening Standard @standardnews

'Sewage pouring into homes' as burst water main causes flooding in #ClaphamRoad

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

if you are doubting the evilness of the #londonpoo water, you can almost smell it in this picture…

13. The rescue effort began as firefighters escorted residents through “the brown stuff.”

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

Now you mention it, she does seem remarkably happy with the rescue situation… #londonpoo

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

and going, and going… #londonpoo

17. Unfortunately, Mr. “Lee” wasn’t so lucky.

Lewis Whyld @LewisWhyld

This is seriously grim work, so fair play to the firefighters… #londonpoo


Follow the entire #LondonPoo extravaganza here.

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