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How FanDuel Is Revolutionizing Fantasy Sports And Making People Rich

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If there was one thing the 2014 fantasy football season showed us, it was that daily leagues, like FanDuel, are here to stay.

Whether it was on the back of a magazine or every other commercial during a sports game, we couldn’t go very far without seeing or hearing about FanDuel. But, what exactly is it?

FanDuel is a daily fantasy outlet that provides players the ability to draft teams of their choosing with a budget. Players build lineups of one QB, two RBs, three WRs, one TE, one defense/ST and one kicker. Scoring for FanDuel is in half-point PPR statuses.

The players can then compete in multiple gaming formats to win various prizes, ranging from cash to all-expenses-paid trips to various locations, such as Las Vegas to the Playboy Mansion.

Entries to games can range from $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and even more. This wide range of buy-in prices gives everyone an opportunity to try it out and see what the hype is about.

How to start making quick cash

When signing up, I recommend finding a promotional code they advertise. This will match your initial buy-in on the website, dollar-for-dollar over a period of time (not all at once). This means if you join the website and put in $25 when you sign up, FanDuel will match your initial $25, little by little, over time.

They do this by releasing more funds the more you play. This unique, non-committal form of fantasy football has been all the rage this season and is taking the world by storm.

It gives players the opportunity to truly implement different strategies they couldn’t implement during their fantasy drafts, and also the opportunity to win real money, legally.

How to compete for big money prizes

The more popular games on FanDuel are the Fantasy Football Championships and the survivor pools, where the winners are flown out to Vegas to compete for major cash prizes.

The Fantasy Football Championships pay out $2,000,000 to the first place winner and $1,000,000 to the second place winner.

The 100 finalists win all-expenses-paid trips to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for a wild, three-day weekend that will culminate in hopes of becoming a millionaire, like these lucky guys.

For the survivor pools, games start in week one. To advance, a player has to finish in the top 75 percent of a given round.

If you keep advancing until the final round, you’ll win a trip for two to Las Vegas. Rounds are run once every NFL week. You can enter directly for $5, $25 and $200 per entry.

What are you waiting for?

Multiple entries are allowed. As FanDuel goes on from week one until Super Bowl weekend, it gives players a never-ending outlet to get their fantasy fixes, even during the playoffs.

Don’t be surprised if this becomes a new way for players use fantasy football.

If you thought 2014 was big for FanDuel, expect even more growth for the company, and all other daily formats as a whole in 2015.

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