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High School Kid Goes To Impressive Lengths To Make His Essay Longer (Photo)

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Back in high school — when teachers assigned essays with a minimum page length instead of a recommended number of words — there were countless strategies people employed to increase the length of their paper without having to add any actual substance.

You could make your periods a larger font size or ever so slightly increase the spacing between lines, both of which varied in effectiveness depending on how much your teacher cared.

However, there was one school-sanctioned addition that was the savior of almost every student: the MLA header.

For those unfamiliar with the format, the header lists your name, the date, your teacher and the class, which can take up a quarter of a page when added to the title.

However, this student took desperation to the next level by inserting a few pieces of information you won’t find listed in any handbook.

If he had left out his blood type and date of birth and double-spaced like you’re supposed to, he might have even gotten away with it (even though he probably wouldn’t have).

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