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Guy Kills Hitman Hired To Kill His Family So He Doesn’t Have To Pay

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Ryan Champion of Cadiz, KY, was visiting his parents and his sister on Oct. 26 when Vito Riservato came into the home with a gun.

The 22-year-old killed everyone but Champion, 36, who claimed that Riservato, for some reason, chose to spare him.

This allowed Champion to kill the shooter.

He told WSMV the next day,

I was able to turn the tables on him. He got close enough to me that I could turn the tables, and that was it. Every minute the entire thing was going on, that’s all I was waiting for. I was waiting for an opportunity.

But investigators soon discovered that Riservato was allegedly a hitman hired by Champion, who killed Riservato to avoid paying for his services, the Huffington Post reports.

Champion was arrested five days after the killings.

He admitted to meeting Riservato once before the murders, though it’s not exactly clear how their deal was uncovered.

Trigg County top prosecutor G.L. Ovey is now seeking the death penalty for Champion, although he didn’t say why Champion would have wanted his family dead.

Champion will appear in court on Dec. 10 to face charges for murder, three counts of complicity to commit murder and complicity to commit kidnapping.

The latter charge comes from the fact that Ryan’s sister Emily, 31, was immobilized with duct tape while her parents were killed.

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