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Community Post: Why Meteorology Is Paris Hilton’s True Calling

1. She has a knack for it already

2. Her wardrobe is tailored exclusively to the role

3. She has an acute expertise in Thermodynamics

4. And an ability to explain complex topics for the viewer

5. Like dew points

6. Or like the dangers of global climate change

7. And how it effects the local fauna

8. But her greatest strength is no doubt how she can capitalize on visual aids

9. For example, this interactive display of cumulonimbus cloud movements

10. Or this demonstration of how to take shelter from a storm

11. She also has a keen understanding of stratospheric high pressure weather systems

12. Including the jet stream

13. Don’t underestimate her ability to adapt to rapidly fluctuating weather conditions

14. Or her ability to calmly break the news of impending disaster

15. Because she’s never alarmed

16. She’ll even make sure you’re wearing the proper protective eyewear for any weather occasion

17. Paris Hilton would make the most perfect weather girl there ever was. After all, who can argue with her meteorological philosophy?

18. But alas, even the routine of a TV meteorologist is probably too simple life for her.

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