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Community Post: Stadium Series: LA, Uniform Update / Via NHL Stadium series website

Hey look! Hockey at Dodger Stadium! The Los Angeles Kings host the Anaheim Ducks! A pinnacle of scientific achievement plus an outdoor hockey game minus the 10 degree weather! what could possibly go wrong?

OH FOR CHRISTS SAKE! What are these? Lets start with LA. Devoid of all color, ribbed for her pleasure?, seriously its a grey-scale cream dream. Just an odd jersey choice for a home team. the Kings logo is cool, the rest is a big ol’ (insert fart sound.) still better than the Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey.
Now for Anaheim. Orange? Just 100% orange?? At least the Kings jerseys look like they had a design meeting regarding the jerseys, a design team that should be fired but a design team nonetheless. I imagine the Ducks meeting going something like a kid who forgot his Social Studies project was due so they tried to make last years project look different. Orange has been in the Ducks Uni’s for a while now, and now we know why it was used sparingly. still better than the Buffalo Sabres 3rd jerseys.

How It should look, LA:

LA Kings official website / Via

How it should look, Anaheim:

And because I referenced it all post… the god awful Sabres 3rd jerseys

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