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Community Post: How To Throw A Hipster Halloween Party

1. Find an abandoned warehouse and use it as your party venue. (Bonus points if there are homeless squatters.)

3. Set up a projector screen and play random artsy images on repeat.

6. Throw a themed party, but make the theme the title of your favorite poem, like “Ode To a Nightingale.”

8. Don’t send out invitations, tell everyone they have to find out about the party by word-of-mouth alone.

10. Show up dressed as “Society” or “Human Easel” or something else vague.

12. Only serve organic smoothies.

14. Put out games (Twister, a piñata, etc.) and then have people write an essay about why games are killing society.

16. Don’t play music on a stereo, but provide heaphones so people can have silent raves. Only provide Aboriginal didgeridoo music.

18. Get a jar of candy corn and have people guess how many pieces are inside. Whoever’s answer is the most abstract gets a silent round of applause.

20. Forbid anyone from wearing plaid, but award whoever does because authority is a lie.

22. Set up a self-serve tattoo station.

24. Hire two child actors to dress up as Campbell’s soup cans and walk around the party quoting Andy Warhol.

26. Halfway through the night, screen three minutes of “American Beauty” and then ask for a moment of silence.

28. As a party favor, ask for donations to the Museum of Modern Art.

30. Happy Hipsterween. Kind of. Whatever.

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