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Community Post: Billy Crystal Donates $1 Mil To His Hometown Long Beach, New York

Today Billy Crystal and his wife returned to his hometown of Long Beach, New York to check out the progress on the rebuilding of the beloved boardwalk. While he was there he also bestowed an extremely generous gift to the town: a check for $888,000!

The money was raised by Crystal and his celebrity friends at Muhammad Ali’s annual Celebrity Fight Night back in March. However, today Crystal and his wife decided $888,000 was a nice donation, but that a full million would be much better.

The Long Beach native and his family personally decided to donate $112,000 in addition to the previously raised funds. Crystal remarked that you never forget where you come from, clearly he has not!


On behalf of the Long Islanders like myself who have been missing sunset strolls on the Long Beach boardwalk, we thank you Billy Crystal!

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