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Community Post: 31 Gluten Free Dishes To Make In November

1. Be prepared to do your Thanksgiving happy dance. All of the dishes in this list are totally gluten free.

2. 1. Apple enchiladas

Topped with maple caramel sauce. Recipe here.

3. 2. Artichoke basil frittata

With parsley and parmesan cheese.

4. 3. Avocado lime tart

Get this vegan recipe here.

6. 5. Vegan cream of broccoli soup


7. 6. Pan seared brussels sprouts

Place a single layer of halved brussel sprouts in pan, cut side down. Cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Deglaze pan with water or stock, let cook until the liquid is gone then serve. Details here.

8. 7. Bok choy with edamame, walnuts, and a mustard vinaigrette

10. 8. Cabbage fritters

12. 9. Celery stuffed with pimento cream cheese

Simple but flavorful. Recipe here.

13. 10. Raw vegan cranberry bliss bars

Don’t skip the optional orange zest in this yummy recipe.

14. 11. Daikon “fettuccine” with seared tomatoes and pesto

Use shaved strips of daikon instead of pasta. Faux pasta recipe here, pesto recipe here.

16. 12. Fennel, blackberry, and orange salad

Garnished with a bit of mint.

17. 13. Frisee and poached egg salad

Ditch the pancetta and anchovy paste to make this recipe vegetarian friendly.

18. 14. Guava fudge

All you need is sugar, ghee, and guavas.

19. 15. Kiwi jam

The best jam you’ll ever eat! Serve it on a pice of gluten free french bread.

20. 16. Chocolate-covered kumquat bon-bons

Recipe here.

21. 17. Braised leeks

So delicious, and so easy to make.

22. 18. Lemon lavender “cheesecake”

It’s raw, vegan, and gluten free.

23. 19. Orange and fig cornmeal muffins

Recipe here.

24. 20. Parsnip fries with lemongrass-ginger creme fraiche

These fries are roasted, and super healthy!

25. 21. Pear, ricotta, and white chocolate tart

27. 22. Persimmon carpaccio with fennel salad

Radishes and onion add both texture and flavor.

29. 24. Pumpkin bread

Recipe here.

30. 25. Radicchio pesto

A beautiful and flavorful alternative to traditional pesto.

31. 26. Rutabaga hash browns

Recipe here.

32. 27. Spinach ice cream

It may sound strange, but spinach ice cream is actually pretty incredible.

33. 28. Sweet potato, kale, quinoa, and chive salad

Your new favorite fall salad. Recipe here.

34. 29. Tangerine-ginger glazed carrots with cocoa nibs

Recipe here.

35. 30. Turnip and potato gratin

With sage and nutmeg.

36. 31. Winter squash spaghetti

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