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Community Post: 18 Disses That Prove ’90s Movies Are The Sassiest Of All Time

1. When someone asks if you want to wake up early to go to the gym:

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2. When someone tells an embarrassing story about you without your permission:

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3. When your friend matches with someone really ugly on tinder:

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4. When you’re using extremely sportsmanlike tactics to distract the other team:

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5. When someone licks their finger and tries to wipe something off your face:

6. When you are in a huge rush but you haven’t paid for your dinner yet:

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7. When someone spreads a bitchy rumor about you:

8. When everyone else is taking shots but you’re drinking wine:

Disney / Via

9. When your crush doesn’t text you back:

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20 years later and we still haven’t found an answer to that mind-boggling question.

10. When someone tells you they can’t wait for summer to be over and school to start:

Pixar / Via

11. When your parents try to lecture you about your future:

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12. When you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man:

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13. When someone sees you wipe out in public:

New Line Cinema

14. When someone is about to spoil the end of the book you’re reading:

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15. When you’re the only sober person at the club:

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16. When you’re fighting with your sister:

Buena Vista Pictures / Via


17. When someone disses Shakespeare:

18. And when you’ve used up your grand inventory of insults:

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oh. no. you. DIDN’T.

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