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Community Post: 11 Reasons You Should Love Clowns

1. 1. Clowns like to party

They also know to bring their beers into the bathroom with them to avoid being date raped.

And they suffer from hangovers in style.

6. 2. They are notoriously great with kids

10. 3. They make the cutest couples

14. 4. They take terrific family portraits

17. 5. They are not afraid to experiment with haircolor


19. 6. They are fearless when it comes to fashion

Puff gown

Classic coveralls

23. 7. They have a wide range of facial expressions


27. 8. They have an uncanny ability to grow their teeth

29. 9. They are fantastic subjects for art

32. 10. They are highly photogenic

34. 11. And last, but certainly not least- They are the greatest photobombers EVER

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