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Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons kissing [5 pictures]

Sometimes, they just couldn’t contain themselves…

Update: I posted these pics without context, because I think they stand alone as odd but awesome. A couple people have asked what’s going on here, though, so I thought I’d try to find out…

There’s not a lot available online about this strange but endearing practice The Boss and The Big Man had. It’s mentioned at The Stranger, where one guy writes, “The campy but love-drenched kisses given onstage by Clemons to Springsteen (and vice versa) were the first same-sex kisses I ever saw (in Creem magazine, in the early ’80s…).”

And writer for the Phoenix Times says

Springsteen and Clemons loved each other. No, they like really, really, loved each other. And yeah, they would totally kiss on stage. What of it? Back when the two first met, the fact that a black man and a white man would play music together was still fairly controversial. The two were breaking down barriers and stereotypes one so-totally-not-gay peck at a time.

That’s about all I could find online, but I’m sure some of you know more… You can let us in on the details behind this bit of rock and roll history in the comments.

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9 Responses to “Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons kissing [5 pictures]”

  1. joel crow says:

    some dudes also prefer the company of other dudes because they are not hyper-emotional, irrational chicks. True story.

  2. Tina Betro says:

    While on stage there were no 2 people closer than Bruce and Clarence. They were doing exactly what they were meant to do, play music.The “kiss” started spontaneously in the midst of the performances. It stayed as part of the act because it was meant sincerely. I think that was the gist of what Bruce said in an interview or maybe it was Clarence.

  3. Jeff Koke says:

    Let me try to explain this as I see it.I’m a straight man — married for 20 years with 2 kids. I’ve never had any kind of sexual intimacy with another man. I have a best friend, Andy, who I’ve known since I was 12. We are as close as any two people can be, but I have no romantic feelings toward him. We know each others deepest secrets. We played in bands together for 18 years.Although it’s not something that’s happened often, I’ve kissed him on the mouth, and it’s pure affection. Typically we just do bear hugs, but I don’t feel my masculinity is threatened at all by a full-on kiss. I love that man.I think Bruce and Clarence had the same kind of relationship. The kiss was just an expression of their friendship, intimacy and affection for each other. I think it’s beautiful.

  4. Ananymous says:

    I live in New York City and have met many men, especially musicians, who have very homoerotic relationships. Are they gay? These are middle aged men who spend more time talking about other men than they spend with women or even talking about women. I have been with totally straight guys and I would venture to say a lot if these other guys go both ways but have to keep up at least an appearance of heterosexuality for ticket sales. There’s a lot of secret drug use and I believe a lot of secret homosexuality in the music business. Not tons of happy rock’n’roll wives out there -except that perhaps they turn a blind eye as they walk to the bank with loads of cash. Some of these guys are really more in love with one another than they are with any woman. I’ve heard more “bromance” stories than I care to recount. The worst part about it is because they want to cover themselves they deceive and hurt the women in their lives because they are too cowardly to come out.

  5. Sarah says:

    I have never before read any information about this. One would think it would have been “newsworthy” considering the aspects of it you mention above. It always intrigued me. I was hoping to see more answers in the comments here, but, hey, at laeast you tried.

  6. Rosalita says:

    Bruce and Clarence had the most beautiful friendship in rock and roll history. I’m pretty sure that a little bit of Bruce died along with Clarence.

  7. Carrie says:

    I made a sign for the baltimore WOAD show using the first pic above. The caption read, “those romantic young boys…Incident please”. We were in the pit and Clarence waved the sign up. He really liked it. He gave me the bow and the fist over the heart motion. I later reached out to him about it on FB and he responded with a private message… Miss him!

  8. Sweetie says:

    NOT gay! Just bro-mance.

  9. lisa says:

    It’s like a car accident, you can’t look away