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Best New Yorker cartoons of all time (according to The New Yorker’s cartoon editor)

Bob Mankoff has been publishing cartoons in the New Yorker for over 30 years and has been the cartoon editor there for about half that time. After a recent TED talk he gave, they asked him to choose his favorite New Yorker cartoons ever. He listed 11. Here are a few of them…

Bruce Eric Kaplan – October 26, 1998

New Yorker Cartoons - 06

Michael Shaw, March 1, 2004

New Yorker Cartoons - 11

By Chon Day – December 14, 1946

New Yorker Cartoons - 01

Roz Chast – October 25, 1993

New Yorker Cartoons - 04

Jack Ziegler – July 11, 1988

New Yorker Cartoons - 03

Eric Lewis – November 13, 2000

New Yorker Cartoons - 08

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2 Responses to “Best New Yorker cartoons of all time (according to The New Yorker’s cartoon editor)”

  1. Ed Stevenson says:

    Nope. “Lassie get help” is the best”

  2. The BEST cartoon ever was published 45-55 years ago (??) … and I keep hoping you’ll give it a reprieve. It was on our bulletin board at home and my Dad would say (coming home for dinner .. his usual comment if he saw what was for dinner) …”oh dear, I had anthropologist for lunch.” The cartoon was of a native with spears and such looking into his mate’s cooking cauldron and remarking, “Oh damn, I had anthropologist for lunch”. It was a classic and I wish you’d republish it at some point. Our family has been a New Yorker family for decades and decades and decades. Thanks for your consideration. Susan V Bonner; 321 Colony Blvd; Lexington, KY 40502