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8 Female Sloths That We Bet Male Sloths Would Find Pretty Attractive


These are some of the sexiest pictures you will ever see, provided you are a male sloth.

1. With her broad, flat face and mysterious black eyes, Loki here has definitely got the looks to drive male sloths wild. (Or so we’d assume.)

2. Can you say “bedroom eyes”? We bet there are probably more than a few male sloths out there who’d be eager to dwell in her tree.

3. Coco isn’t afraid to let it all hang out, and we’re guessing that probably leaves all her male friends drooling.

4. Neatly maintained fur, mesmerizing eyes, smooth, undamaged claws—Seesaw’s got everything that, if we were male sloths, we imagine we’d probably be into.

5. Fierce! Rosie here won’t let just any boy sloth pick moths from her fur, but that won’t stop them from trying. Yowza!

6. Again, we’re really not sure what objective criteria make sloths attractive, but dayummmmmmmmmmmmm!

7. Why, hello there! Sheila here might be largely defenseless to predators, but with face coloration like that, you figure there’s gotta be a whole rainforest of male sloths who’d probably give all six of their toes for a chance to protect her.

8. She woke up like dis, boys. You know you want it.

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