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27 Things From “Friends” That Are Now Woefully Outdated

1. Loving Pottery Barn and not understanding those who don’t.

2. Calling it “the internet.” (At least in situations like this.)

3. The way the cabs were.

5. Being this psyched over Hootie and the Blowfish.

7. Getting stock info from the TV.

8. Thinking the internet is a passing fad.

9. PlayStation IS whack. But so is saying “whack,” which you last heard 15 years ago.

10. Chandler’s excitement over this “high tech” machine.

11. Being able to meet people at the gate at the airport.

12. Sharing an answering machine with two other people…with a greeting as embarrassing as this:

13. Jean-Claude Van Damme.

16. Truly blind dates.

17. Boys getting off on Baywatch.



18. Having to borrow someone else’s cell phone because you don’t own one. (Like Rachel did in this episode.)

20. Although awesome, Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoof porn’s moment has passed.

23. Or worse yet, “mom” jeans.

24. Considering Chicken Soup for the Soul to be a wonderful read.

25. Carrying around an enormous boombox.

26. Checking your voicemail from a friend’s phone.

27. Men in vests. Gelled hair. Collarless shirts. EVERYTHING IN THIS PICTURE.

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