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24 Things Way Worse Than The World Ending

1. If avocados went extinct

2. If Mariah Carey converted to Buddhism and refused to sing “All I Want for Christmas (Is You)” ever again

3. If there was only plain Chapstick left on Earth

4. If the only kind of pizza left was Pizza Hut’s cheeseburger pizza

5. If eagles really started stealing babies

6. If fedoras were cool

7. If this, on repeat, was the only thing on all TV channels forever

8. If this happened in every bathroom everywhere

9. If all your Snapchats were leaked onto your Facebook

10. If you could only write in blue ink pens for the rest of your life

11. If there were only the yellow Starbursts

12. If Garth Brooks went back to being Chris Gaines

13. If your boyfriend became a brony

14. If Cee Lo Green sat across from you at your office all day making this face

15. If every fruit was as hard to eat as an orange

16. If every movie starred Kevin James

17. If Pixar actually made this sequel

18. If Paul McCartney released a dubstep album

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

19. If Satan finally called his loyal cat army into action to rise up against the humans

20. If the Dog Wizard enslaved us humans to work in the snausages mines

21. If George R.R. Martin died before he finished the final “Game of Thrones” book

22. If we discover Santa is real, and we left him at Ikea

23. If the new White House Press Secretary was this guy

24. If the world just turned into a cat fucking orgy with cats just humping everywhere but humans had no more genitals and had to just watch the cats enviously

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