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21 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Feel Bad About Yours

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If you have an Instagram, you know everyone from Ariel Winterand Beyonc to Kylieand Kendall Jenner killed the costume game this Halloween.

While they were dressing all sexy, I was sitting in bed stuffing my face with Halloween candy. To say I gained 20 pounds in the last two days is probably an understatement.

Im currently shoving a Reesesinto my mouth while I write this, so yeah, you could say Im really living it up.

This year, everyone celebrated the holiday a little early by partying it up this weekend. It actually was pretty nice to have Halloween fall on a Monday because that meant there were festivities all week long.

I started dressing up in costume on Thursday night, but I was out of ideas by Friday morning.

On Saturday, I ended up just running around New York City wearing an ugly baby mask and calling it a night. You think Im kidding? Im not.

Coming up with costumes is hard AF. You want to be creative and original, but you also dont want to spend $300 on a shitty outfit for one night.

It seemsso easy for famous people to dress up on Halloween. The Kardashians can just hire a team to pick out their outfits for them, its that simple. I guess when you have money and a large fan base, anything is possible!

Too bad I have five bucks in my bank account and zero friends!

Haha, oh.

If your costume also sucked this Halloween, dont worry, theres still hope for next year. For now, though, we might as well wallow in our shittiness and sorrow.

Below, checkout 21 celebrity Halloween costumes that will make you feel bad about what you wore.

Have fun!!!!!

1. Kylie Jennergot a little Dirrty with herChristina Aguilera costume.

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