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Study Hall – the National Library of China

Study Hall - the National Library of China

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9 Responses to “Study Hall – the National Library of China”

  1. Marylander says:

    I bet they’re all playing Warcraft

  2. Indecurtsy says:

    What are you Mr. China or somethin?

  3. TheMeanestPea says:

    But where are all the iphones made?

  4. TheMeanestPea says:

    Mao that is impressive

  5. MrBoombastic says:

    So many doctors in spe.

  6. FlameAble says:

    As a Norwegian, the amount of people stacked together in small areas in many asian countries freaks me the fuck out. I need more space :p

  7. michaelhguy says:

    The only way you’d see this many people in a library in the US is if you told them that someone would win Justin Bieber tickets.

  8. echelonx says:

    A collection of micro-penii.

  9. brooks1940 says:

    Light a fire in there they will all be trampled and burned love America