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Spider buddies!

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Spider buddies!

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7 Responses to “Spider buddies!”

  1. vielleicht says:

    i actually let spiders live because i despise flys more…….and i’m a merciful god

  2. iknowmoreaboutbearsthanyoudo says:

    It’s spiderbro. Get it right

  3. jjoz says:

    No one fucks with the spider bro army

  4. MargaeryTyrellsCleav says:

    Trees like nightmare cotton-candy.

  5. robsc16 says:

    Good guys those spiders

  6. walkernotskywalker says:

    Jk Rowling in the deep had it right with Aragog’s crew in the woods.

  7. trapinch says:

    <3 spiders . . . wait nope