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/r9k/er plays GTA San Andreas online

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/r9k/er plays GTA San Andreas online

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12 responses to “/r9k/er plays GTA San Andreas online”

  1. dingdingdongdingdong says:

    Critical Mass Los Santos

  2. WorstCommentPossible says:

    Kongregate achievement reference of Gemcraft chapter 0! 😀

  3. rapdasian says:


  4. Kiewie says:

    I cried… Mainly because this will probably happen to me as well…

  5. adam1111 says:

    I saw this last night. Hehehehe.

  6. MartinCrotty says:

    Damn man go outside.

  7. goatees says:

    that’s how gandhi would play

  8. henriksen1 says:

    Then Trevor shows up and and all sorts of weird shit goes down.

  9. chucktacular says:

    G Ridin

  10. Beanieb says:

    Is it wrong that would shoot you with an RL and not feel particularly bad about it?

  11. TheDepartmentofRedundancyDepartment says:


  12. ChrisNolanisfuckingawesomeandyoushouldlistentoeverythinghesays says:

    green text has been disappointing lately..