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My little brothers shirt…

My little brothers shirt...

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19 responses to “My little brothers shirt…”

  1. trippingfingers says:

    Brb gotta go to Costco

  2. WhatUpMyNinjas says:

    No, you am Fartacus.

  3. suswej says:

    Well, hot dog!

  4. Mikeythekid339 says:

    The taste of friendship

  5. AngryHumanoid says:

    “Parts is parts.” – Colonel Sanders

  6. DoctorJungyBrongen says:

    “”Im too drunk to taste this chicken.” -Colonel Sanders” -Michael Scott

  7. AngryHumanoid says:

    Hard work and gumption.

  8. ImpulseRaven says:

    Captain Weiner, he’s our hero; gonna take hunger down to zero

  9. IamFartacus says:


  10. Punsexual says:

    Captain Hot Dog: Worst superhero name ever

  11. adamtwosleeves says:

    Wait… what makes the bread?

  12. ifwisheswerehorsestherewouldbelotsofhorsepoo says:

    Lips and assholes.

  13. ProAtCrastination says:

    Mystery meat ASSEMBLEEEE

  14. DoctorJungyBrongen says:

    Hotdogs arent made from dogs???

  15. yomifrackle says:

    Animorph this please

  16. FruitoftheLoomis says:

    The person wearing the shirt posing for this photo looks like a hotdog. That is all.

  17. TurtleMessiah says:

    I don’t think I can afford “real” meat anymore

  18. thellamaswillrise says:

    Needs more cat.

  19. lucidcute says:

    For years I thought hot dogs were pork.