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Mwahaha using the dog to troll my roomates

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Mwahaha using the dog to troll my roomates

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18 Responses to “Mwahaha using the dog to troll my roomates”

  1. PorkinsCanHoldIt says:

    Subtle, yet effective, and utilizing 2 types of dogs…I approve of this troll.

  2. ThatRandomChickYouDontKnow says:

    Calm down there, Satan.

  3. ChocolateThief says:

    Hahah I think I just came from the evilness of this post

  4. murealz says:

    *Nervously waits for others to clap before joining

  5. murealz says:

    Thanks for the idea. I will try this on my brother next time I visit mwahahaha

  6. kinkyoldguy says:

    brilliant!! :)

  7. Ionlywantedasimplename says:

    I damn near wet myself laughing at the evilness of this.

  8. Ionlywantedasimplename says:

    You’re going places…… Probably hell.

  9. tylertooo says:

    Trolling with intelligence. I can get behind this.

  10. ClikeX says:

    You got some passive vengeance going on there?

  11. incredulousbastard says:


  12. necronomiconwaytwitty says:

    You devious bastard.

  13. therevolutionwillbeimgured says:

    Oh, can you get some video of this happening? I promise we’re worthy.

  14. Candymostdandy says:

    I hope you give the dog some extra treats once in a while for being such a good troll partner.

  15. SirLurksalotOfLurkinghamManor says:

    I like the cut of your doggone jib

  16. SlumberingChaos says:

    Calm down there Satan!