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Just Had These Installed In My House

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Just Had These Installed In My House

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19 responses to “Just Had These Installed In My House”

  1. cc020 says:

    Whoever installed this has got to be the most idiotic of all humankind.

  2. definatelynotatwork says:

    OPs a fa……….genious.

  3. ihopethisisnttaken says:

    IMO it’s just a wall wart you can’t remove to save power.

  4. ober says:

    Yeah it’s better just to get AC-USB adapters and use regular outlets.

  5. themoonmadeofbarbequesparerib says:

    No, that’s just a carrier holding Cynthia’s dog. I think it’s a Pomeranian. You can’t leave him home or he eats the furniture.

  6. varsil says:

    I doubt it. You can’t power a vacuum cleaner off a USB port.

  7. Beemin08 says:

    Upside down!!! Ground plugs go UP and the USB symbol is upside down to prove it!

  8. AnAlligatorWithBoltCutters says:

    That’s Nice But Who Types Like This? It Seriously Is Annoying And Stupid

  9. MyNameisNotOwl says:

    Your electricity bill is about to skyrocket.

  10. mjpruss says:

    They had better be USB 3.0 or you just fucked up

  11. juzcress1 says:

    Because they’re upside down, it’s going to taken 100% more effort trying to figure out which way in the damn USB goes.

  12. zethes says:

    They’re expensive as fuck, and they dont provide enough voltage for your standard phone..

  13. HarisBektesevic says:

    or you know, you can just plug your mobile device/tablet into the outlet and charge them in like 30 minutes

  14. SwineFlu7274 says:

    It’s not an australian power socket though.

  15. AmbiguouslyPunny says:

    Fun fact, popular to belief, these are actually installed upside a lot(a shown in the picture). The ground is suppose to be above the leads

  16. Zukka says:

    I, too, come here solely for shits and giggles

  17. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

    uh, congrats on the minor thing anyone could do. i installed a light bulb reddit, want to upvote that too?

  18. maklelan says:

    Looks like the outlets aren’t happy about it.