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Job interview.

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Job interview.

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6 responses to “Job interview.”

  1. JustASmallTownMinnesotanImgurlLivingInALonelyWorld says:

    I can do a great impression of a hotdog!

  2. EndiSky says:

    I could actually see this conspiracy being true. PETA = Twat Waffles

  3. SongandTam says:

    Well, unfortunately the job you’re applying for has been filled, but we do have a recent opening in the… BLT department

  4. Fletchski says:

    At the cop shop no doubt

  5. spankytanks says:

    Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

  6. LiamNeesonIsMyDad says:

    What do piglets do after school?? Hamwork he he he