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Goats are taking over Seattle

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Goats are taking over Seattle

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14 responses to “Goats are taking over Seattle”

  1. Benny0409 says:

    Goat over it… no not good enough there is a pun here I know it

  2. arleas says:

    This is the moment I’ve been preparing for with Goat Simulator!

  3. flamecoloredskies says:

    Compensating for the trash issue?

  4. Harmonex says:

    There’s this store called “Goats on the Roof”. They have goats on the roof.

  5. That1Chick says:

    Going to come in handy for the apacolypse

  6. TheDirtGrub says:

    That looks baaaaaaaaaad

  7. markahix says:

    Doesn’t look too baaaad.

  8. NowDoThatVoodooThatYouDo says:

    God damn kids on my lawn again.

  9. BeerIsProofThatGodLovesUsAndWantsUsToBeHappy says:

    No kidding.

  10. nightcrafter27 says:


  11. ItSeemsIAmSherlocked says:

    They really don’t kid around, do they?

  12. ShamrockFury says:


  13. LoneDirewolf says:

    This being Seattle, someone probably has them as pets and just let them out to graze and explore

  14. WhiteChocolateNubianPrincess says:

    I herd about that.