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Example of how a college education is valued now.

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Example of how a college education is valued now.

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9 responses to “Example of how a college education is valued now.”

  1. Joniarty says:

    As long as you don’t do drugs<3

  2. axelasdf says:

    So how’s it in Houghton?

  3. CotttonHeadedNinnyMuggins says:

    We get new releases before netflix/redbox and are cheaper. Only thing better is torrenting, which many people are uncomfortable with.

  4. stgenerations says:

    Family Video – Now in towns with high speed Internet. And…bankrupt.

  5. kephirah says:

    Well he did graduate so I assume he has one.

  6. TheKinkyNerd says:

    Networking, you have to know people. I already have a job secured when I graduate because I’m good friends with the owner of the company.

  7. MistaBalloonHands says:

    the creepy men coming onto her, too. Also, cleaning off sticky porno dvd’s – something no one should ever have to do. Fuck Family Video.

  8. Agrilledcheese says:

    true life: family video called the cops on one of my friends because he smelled like weed

  9. sparspar says:

    lots of employment opportunities here