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Community Post: 23 Reasons You Should Wear White This Winter

1. White’s the hottest trend for fall/winter ‘13.


Liv is clearly ahead of the game.

2. You’ll stand out.

Like when Olivia walked into the state dinner and owned it in her white gown.

3. White can easily go with anything.

It can even go with the crazy printed jacket Liv is holding.

4. You’d look so damn cute.


Like when Olivia was talking to her man on the phone.

5. White drapes nicely.

6. Wearing head-to-toe white makes a strong impression.

Like one of the many times Liv had to handle Cyrus.

7. Wearing a white hat will make your outfit pop.


Take it from the white knight herself.

8. It’ll bring muted colors to life.

Liv might have felt down on the campaign trail but she looked amazing.

9. And you don’t have to worry about going sleeveless because white makes your arms look good.

Olivia’s arms are one of the many reasons why Fitz can’t keep his hands off her.

10. If you go for a wintery swim, you’ll look amazing.

Remember that time Liv wore that white bathing suit? She looked amazing.

11. White is bold without being flamboyant.

ABC / Via

She is wearing a white leather dress in the Oval Office. That is bold.

12. It’s a bold statement against everyone else’s winter drabness.

ABC / Via

Look at Olivia and now look at everyone around you.

13. White blazers will brighten things up.

Even if there’s a crazy scandal.

14. You can look like this:

Any time you get called to a secret bunker make sure you look like this.

15. White will make you look comfortably chic.


Like every time Liv get home after a long day at the office.

16. Because winter whites are totally a thing.

ABC/ Nicole Wilder

17. It’s figure-flattering.

ABC / Via

See: every time Olivia Pope wears white.

18. White leather accessories are awesome.

ABC / Danny Field

Do you see those gloves ?

19. Once winter is over you can keep on wearing it.


See Olivia in the spring, summer, and fall.

20. You’ll look amazing when you work out.

21. White will make crazy details and patterns stand out.

Like that time Liv’s inauguration dress stood out.

22. It will bring your accessories to life.

Man arm candy HELLO.

23. And most importantly, you’ll match the snow.

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