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Wanna feel my sweater?

Wanna feel my sweater?

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17 Responses to “Wanna feel my sweater?”

  1. dakattack7 says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch?

  2. Its1986davidbowiefromthemovielabyrinth says:

    as a girl, I love the sweater button-up combo. even makes this guy kinda sexy… kinda.

  3. FruitoftheLoomis says:

    The hair…I don’t…how oily do you have to let it get for it to clump like that?

  4. Termsofenrampagementwastaken says:

    Silence of the lambs?

  5. warriorprincess says:

    ..why this picture?

  6. bawachmu says:

    Then can I borrow it? :)

  7. CommentsOnAlmostEverything says:

    Clearly a Brit.

  8. sorrythisnameistaken says:

    Well that’s kinda creepy…

  9. luhbell says:

    Not with that smile..

  10. FaceOfBeaux says:

    Fine by me! Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty handsome.

  11. tunasandwichify says:


  12. theansweris3 says:

    Access denied.

  13. PterodactylWithAMachineGun says:

    It puts the lotion on its skin…

  14. hauntedlaundry says:

    Diggin that beige.

  15. NiceCommentBro says:

    looks like cashmere

  16. DoctorPancakes says: