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The manliest way to bathe.

The manliest way to bathe.

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19 Responses to “The manliest way to bathe.”

  1. rudirs3 says:

    Are those actual ducks? I want to bathe with real ducks!

  2. AnImgurianformerlyknownasfuzzylogic says:

    OK, there is a duckling sitting on his penis.

  3. Choward says:

    The *best way to bathe

  4. NarcyDarcy says:

    Been scrambling for 5 minutes straight now…

  5. llomo says:

    vaginal probe time

  6. MistaBlank says:

    He’s not nearly as hairy as I was expecting. I thought he’d have a rain forest of chest hair.

  7. MisterPresident says:

    given baths to be precise

  8. BaDumTss says:

    Until one of them goes fishing.

  9. Aspartamus says:

    Side Note: No duck where harmed during this production.

  10. JohnnyUtahraptor says:

    As a duck, I can confirm that the manliest way to bathe is with Zack Galifianakis.

  11. NinjeffK says:

    Yet this comment will end up on top of all of the random puns. Congratz.

  12. 4ForYouGlenCoco says:

    Rubber ducky you’re the one/ you make bath time lots of fun/ rubber ducky I’m awfully fond of you;

  13. utopiaa says:

    Zach Gallifaduckis?

  14. PurpleJesus says:

    I REALLY want to comment but I know I’ll misspell his name :(

  15. wholycow says:

    Hope those ducks don’t like things that look like big worm.

  16. Mygirlfriends80085 says:

    those ducklings look underage…

  17. rdb2011 says:

    If it were a hottub he’d have his dick stuck in the drain…

  18. swiftmark says:

    Zack Gallifraduckbath

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