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The magic of mathematics

The magic of mathematics

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10 Responses to “The magic of mathematics”

  1. twelfthfantasy says:

    No, does it? Amazing.

  2. IMMAGINGER says:

    my head hurts

  3. Unfussytundra says:

    FACINATING. moving on

  4. masakre says:

    Which is also the same as $2 every 10 years :O

  5. obsoleteattribute says:

    He should’ve raised his prices twenty cents every year. He would have made a lot more money.

  6. utopiaa says:

    Raising price $1 every 5 years = an increase of $1 every 5 years… …

  7. vaugirard says:

    Good guy Barber has predictable pricing scheme…

  8. raoulduke25 says:

    Roughly 1.67 cents per month.

  9. PounderMcNasty says:

    That’s not a question.