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Prepare. To. Die.

Prepare. To. Die.

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16 responses to “Prepare. To. Die.”

  1. weesmithy says:

    Definitely. Shit, my cat lets us know when there’s a closed door of any kind. “DID YOU KNOW I CAN’T WALK THROUGH HERE?!”

  2. MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimal says:

    what he was doing all night.

  3. Odarkstar says:

    Well… Now you risk your life letting him back in!

  4. MemoryAmethyst says:

    I have nightmares about accidentally leaving the dog out overnight. Cold Kills.

  5. BL4UPUNKT says:

    Little did Stacey know, Mr. Meowson is able to locate and attack the juggular of any species in a mere 2 seconds..

  6. j2thewacker says:

    I laugh every time I see this, +1

  7. Azated says:

    Its damn whiskers. My god. I lost my shit.

  8. n3v3rpullout says:

    Quick take a picture…

  9. Bilbo1993 says:

    My shit has been lost.

  10. fapmistress says:

    Not sure if eyes are filled with hate or just frozen

  11. SardonicAlly says:

    Which is why I have cat door installed in basement window. No murderous stares for me 😛

  12. EveryoneLoveKittenPicturesOrElse says:

    Relevant username? Maybe not.

  13. tardusmaximus says:

    Why so serious?

  14. perlcat says:

    Is his name Inigo Montoya by any chance?

  15. Deus says:

    Haha, I forgot my cat outside today also for six hours. That cat looks nice in comparison