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Legend of Zelda: Nope House

Legend of Zelda: Nope House

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16 Responses to “Legend of Zelda: Nope House”

  1. Sinakus says:

    1.70-80 Euro per liter here. I feel your pain.

  2. ascender423 says:

    i think imgur needs more LoZ

  3. jerkface says:

    I like this link.

  4. unclestankstank says:

    But then you don’t get the giant wallet!

  5. bangoskankawaitstheking says:

    What Link really said: “……..” followed by “hyuuuuut! yaaa! hnnnuuua!”

  6. PairOfDucks says:

    I used to hit them, then run away. When I came back later in the game I completely forget I hit them, but they remembered…

  7. phtevedave says:

    KakarikOH HELL NO.

  8. laptopheater says:

    I never went into the Skulltula House until someone told me I had to…

  9. Yadushanarooshenvas says:

    Has your username ever been more relevant?

  10. blackbird1111 says:

    i love everything about this…except for the spider people…okay, i like the part where there’s fire…lots of fire.

  11. tarataqa says:

    Where did he get the gasoline?

  12. bryronic says:

    you had me at spider

  13. QuinCOBOL says:

    But you have to get the Stone of Agony so that you didn’t waste your parent’s money on that brick they bought!

  14. GrumpasaurusRex says:

    Did anyone else think that the Stone of Agony was a total piece of shit?

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