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I'm 28 years old. This still happens every time

I'm 28 years old. This still happens every time

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16 Responses to “I'm 28 years old. This still happens every time”

  1. eglantinepoetry says:

    I’m 23 and I still need help opening pill bottles–stupid child-proof lids…

  2. 2can99 says:

    why do they do that……..who created this stuff…..we need automatic openers already for these

  3. zacharus says:

    Scissors my friend, all you need are scissors

  4. narcissisticOSTRICH says:

    When this happened to me as a kid the “to open” looked like a smile and I felt like the carton was laughing at me like “Haha you fucked up.”

  5. KnowsEverything says:

    Haven’t seen milk in a carton in a looong time. They are all plastic bottles jugs now.

  6. snlroadkill says:

    there is a trick to it. once you find out, you will probably hit yourself.

  7. sansheart says:

    It’s heavy whipping cream. If I could find it easily in a jug I would switch to that.

  8. PawsMashingKeys says:

    I’m an adult! Just kidding. I’m a missing person. *stares at you from milk carton*

  9. MajesticAfro says:

    This has to win, thanks for the laughter!

  10. lanadellove says:

    As a Canadian, you need milk bags

  11. bombabom says:

    You read my mind. Upvote anything Friends!

  12. TheSharkBait says:

    This is when I just like, stab it with a fork…

  13. chairmanmow says:

    Just…just count to ten, and breathe slowly.

  14. ifyouknewmeyouwouldbeme says:

    Paper cartons are hit or miss. I would have gotten so mad and cream would be everywhere.

  15. HebrewStar says:

    Are you drinking butter?