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“I don't know how to tell my friends I'm not a lesbian”

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10 responses to ““I don't know how to tell my friends I'm not a lesbian””

  1. harryFuckingPotter says:

    Caption should really be “so how about them dicks”

  2. scook16 says:

    I just posted this to my friend’s wall that is a lesbian…haha

  3. noiwillNOTbrushyourteeth says:

    TIL juice box ease tenseful situation. Maybe I give parents each juice box during I tell them I not their child.

  4. madammainyu says:

    The juice box gets me. literally laughed my ass off for at least a straight minute. No pun intended. lolz

  5. quasimodo69 says:

    Why do you have to tell them? Are they hitting on you/ Do you have some overpowering need to do this?

  6. connorphuge says:

    As the owner of a penis that should work

  7. yayprocrastination says:

    What is your username picture of? Is that a person eating a pumpkin??

  8. MetaphoricalFox says:

    does it? I’d like to see that.

  9. atk77 says:

    Make out with a man.

  10. LiveGrenade says:

    I’m failing to see why more problems are a good thing here.