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Challenge my 50c coin stack

Challenge my 50c coin stack

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16 responses to “Challenge my 50c coin stack”

  1. AHspagett says:


  2. BoromirOfGondor says:

    You’re lucky super glue dries clear

  3. ThatGuyStaringAtYouFromTheCorner says:

    I don’t think I would attempt this…

  4. Bluestrype says:

    If you give me the change to beat your challenge, I’ll show you a magic trick.

  5. Thatnerdygingerone says:

    Hold my wallet…

  6. Rapturizer says:

    Can’t tell if very patient or good with glue…

  7. mastershake28 says:

    you win

  8. sweatybeard says:

    Ooh, Australian coins, I can actually try to do this!

  9. bigtuna1125 says:

    american money or it doesn’t count

  10. OneSpicyTaco says:

    I don’t know how to physics that good so you win this challenge.

  11. CapnKrunchy says:

    Someone needs to coin a phrase to describe this phenomenon. The ideas are already stacking up in my head.

  12. theDogter says:

    don’t care how stacked he is, 50cent is sooo 2005

  13. Myetric says:

    This challenge seems stacked against me

  14. Enidaj says:

    Is this magic or Crazy Glue?

  15. SerratedGooch says:


  16. LookAPanther says:

    I would, but I’ve run out of glue.