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A well trained dog

A well trained dog

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20 Responses to “A well trained dog”

  1. Frostiken says:

    Our dog once got into the Milkbones box. Rainbow vomit errywhar.

  2. Frostiken says:

    * bitch about “abuse” in every Youtube video…

  3. ProgVet says:

    So does he get all the treats then?

  4. momanator says:

    *A well teased dog.

  5. sweatybeard says:

    It pisses me off that this gif ends before he gets to eat the treats :(

  6. spacemosphere says:

    I’m imagining myself in this position (with oreos though, duh) and have come to the realization that dogs have more will power than me.

  7. VodkaGummyBears says:

    You better have let him eat all of those.

  8. IfYouHaveNothingCleverToSayDontSayAnythingAtAll says:

    I think this dog has more self control than most humans.

  9. WorldClassClown says:

    dog: “I have the strangest boner(s) right now”

  10. gotmusiic says:

    *tortured dog

  11. vatoslocos4evercadinal says:


  12. afroniner says:

    Every time he pushes the head back I want to inflict pain on him.

  13. IfYouHaveNothingCleverToSayDontSayAnythingAtAll says:

    I’m trying so hard to not picture this in my head.

  14. MrBoomstik says:


  15. KCFender says:


  16. afroniner says:

    I wasn’t complaining about animal torture, it just looked unnatural how he was tilting it back. Who shoved a meat cleaver in you dick hole?

  17. vorduul says:

    Nooooope- Chuck Testa!

  18. ThriceDice says:

    “These taste terrible anyway.”

  19. otfbeacon says:

    I like a well trained dog as much as the next guy, but this shit borders on animal cruelty.

  20. Frostiken says:

    Yeah that dog is just being TORTURED. Fuck you, grow the fuck up, go fuck yourself, etc. You people who bitch are fucking annoying.