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30 Epic Examples Of Inspirational Classroom Decor

1. A Polka Dot and Daisies Themed Classroom

2. An Uber-Organized Classroom


3. A “Modern Rustic” Classroom


See more gorgeous photos here.

4. An Apple Orchard Themed Classroom


5. A Comfy Reading Den and Meeting Place


6. Sunlight-Drenched Toddler Montessori Classroom


The Natural Child Learning Community in Georgetown, Texas.

7. A Brightly Made-Over Classroom


Check out the before and after classroom makeover here. She painted the cabinets and used a projector to stencil on an accurate rendering of the United States.

8. A Rainbow-Themed Classroom

10. A Springtime-Themed Classroom

11. A Lofty and Modern Nursery and Elementary School


The Josephine Baker School in France.


And more importantly, this is what the exterior of the school looks like.

12. A Serene Creative Space

From the University of Southern California Child Care Program.

13. A Retro-Inspired Classroom


14. A Carnival-Themed Classroom


15. A Bright and Airy Preschool


Little Sprouts Academy Preschool in San Diego.

16. A Bohemian-Inspired Classroom

Bond Street Kindergarten in Victoria, Australia.

17. A Jungle-Themed Classroom


18. A Comfy, Lived-In Learning Space

Kim Pham Stegmaier’s Montessori classroom in Canada.

19. A Learning Space Filled with Character


Fire destroyed this classroom in 2002 and they were able to turn it back into this amazingly quirky space.

21. A “Natural Habitat” Classroom

The Wingate Community Nursery.

22. Woodsy Fairytale Reading Pods

(Not a classroom, but actually from Madison, Wisconsin’s children’s museum.)

24. A Space-Themed Classroom

25. A Colorful Homeschool Classroom

26. A Mid-Century Inspired Classroom

With super clean lines and Eames chairs, this look makes for a beautiful high school computer lab.

27. A Bright and Minimalist Classroom

Roe Lee Park Primary School got a makeover from EME Furniture in the UK.

29. An Animated Springtime Classroom Setup

30. A Nature and Camping Themed Classroom


31. An Awesome Pillow Idea for a Library Area

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