Your Moms Pants


Why, Your Moms Pants?
Just think, when your friends ask you where you heard that funny joke, you can honestly answer: “Your Mom’s Pants.”

What the hell is this?
This is a home for the comedy writing of John Moore – the guy who’s been standing in the bushes staring at you and grunting all week.

Who the hell is this John Moore?
If we had to describe him, we’d say he’s someone who is writing this sentence about himself in the third person.

Not to be too general, but he’s a guy who writes stuff about things.

I don’t think you’re funny.
Obviously you’re a person of discriminating taste. Perhaps you’d enjoy an arsenic souffle. (sorry about that last line, I type an accent aigu for no man).

Can I hire you to write something funny for me?
Perhaps. Do you have money?

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